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The Irish are genuinely interested in people, and place high value on the individual. In addition, the Irish are courteous and will go out of their way to welcome visitors. Although the Irish work hard, they live a less stressful lifestyle. A less stressful lifestyle allows the Irish to spend more time with friends and family
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Tram carswere introduced by the British and became a favorite means of travel for the citizens of Bombay.The horse drawn trams were however slow cumbersome affairs and a journey to cover a distance of about 10 miles took almost 3 hours. At the turn of the 20 th century the availability of electric power resulted in the trams being electrified.Electric services began in 1907 and gave a fresh impetus to travel in the city.
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Wayanad is a South Indian district in the north-east of Kerala. The name of the hill-station, Wayanad comes from two words: Vayal Nadu. ‘Vayal’ means field of paddy (rice), and the word ‘Nadu’ is a South Indian name for land. Rich paddy fields and other plantations like tea and coffee are a regular sight in Wayanad. Also noteworthy are the mountains and forests where a huge number of diverse creatures dwell. Adding to the beauty is the pleasantness of weather year round...
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Udupi is a place worth visting , although it was a quiet town a decade or so earlier, these days it is filled with tourists from other parts of India and other countries.Udupi is a land of ethereal beauty sandwiched between the lush greenery of Western Ghats on the East and the Arabin Sea on the West. Udupi is considered to be the cultural capital of Karnataka since many artistes and writers of repute have originated from there.Tulu is the main language spoken and Kannada is the official langua...
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The palace Hotel at Chail in Himachal Pradesh was the abode of Maharajah of Patiala as well as his summer capital. The Place built in 1891 is situated at a height of 2250 meters in lush surroundings spread over 75 acres. It is a heritage building and preserved as originally built. Presently it is run as a hotel by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department.
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The place can boast of one of the most breathtaking scenaries that is bound to stun the visitors.One can hear the trumpet of elephants,tigers roaring and see plenty of deers and other wild life around the place since it is situated close to the Madhumalai forest range. There is an abundance of rare plants, trees , wild flowers and orchids growing in the forest.If you want to have a completely relaxed holiday ,let go of your worries for a few days or even weeks , then this is the place to do...
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Nature is a beautiful gift given by God to us. It is filled with tremendous wonders. Gorgeous lakes, hot springs, reefs, islands, caves and many things are our treasure to enjoy. The life is not sufficient to enjoy all the natural wonders in person. But we can at least learn about them. Let us have a tour of two beautiful caves in Andhra Pradesh, India.
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Monsoon fails in India and other countries due to a number of reasons. While the geographical reasons are serious ones, man's intervention on nature cannot be ignored. The article speaks about the fact why monsoon fails and its impact. While the scientific causes cannot be avoided, the human intervention can be avoided.
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An ideal holiday spot Chikmagalur has everything that one looks for in an ideal holiday spot and definitely worth experiencing.. Chikmagalur is located in the Sahyadri range of Western Ghats popularly known as the Malnad area of Karnataka. It is a magical place filled with thick tropical forests, coffee estates,rivers, streams ,waterfalls and a view of the seven hills
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New Delhi stays the epicenter of urban claustrophobia and spectacular cultural activity. . New Delhi is the shopping capital of Bharat (India).Delhi is big on style and hospitality.Delhi summer can break with indefinite power cuts. Delhi is a seven city conglomerate.the super Delhi Metro Rail Corporation started in December 25, 2002, with 1.14 lakh daily passengers. Now, two million passengers daily, 143 operational stations and 74 trains are running Metro. Women have been given separate coach i...
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Mayfair Resort Gangtok is indeed the first five star deluxe hotel of North East India in the state of Sikkim which has become a remarkable asset for tourists visiting Gangtok as it provides a luxurious accommodation and facilities in its resorts to all guests accommodating here. Mayfair Gangtok has become one of the best hotels in the whole area of Sikkim and this article shall describe the hotel, its guest rooms and facilities it provides.
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Bengaluru(Bangalore) - known as the Garden city is also a shopping paradise.This city has over 35 different malls,all across the city,making it the highest in the country.Therefore this city offers variety of options and choices for hanging out and shopping.Below is the list of must visit shopping areas in Bangalore.
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India has the world’s third largest road network, placed after United States and China, but they are the most enduring roads, for they have seen many strange things. The odd thing is that majority of people think that it is normal to use the roads as their private property. Read the article and find out various ways in which Indian roads are abused:
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Mirik is a very popular hill station to visit where tourist from all over the world visit every year. Mirik has various places of tourist interest where tourist visit and enjoy the beauty of Mirik. This article gives information about the various places in and around Mirik which may interest tourists and make them aware of the places to see in Mirik.
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Sandakphu is a favorite trekking destination from Darjeeling, located in the Eastern Himalayas. Unlike other trekking destination, a trek to Sandakphu is less time consuming, easy and awesome. This article here gives the detail about the track towards Sandakphu, for how to reach this trekking spot and various other details about Sandakphu.
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